About Us

Thirty years ago it all started with a young man’s dream, a vision of success and commitment. It was September 1981 when Amihan Farm Supply was born and withstood the test of time proving itself worthy with a copius amount of hardwork came the birth of Amihan’s sister company, the Aljay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation on July 3, 2003. In Addition of the Aljay Farm and Plant in Nabbuan, Santiago City Philippines.

Aljay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation and Amihan Farm Supply was a 100% Filipino owned company. Known as a competitive distributor of complete lines of quality agricultural products such as Herbicides, Inseticides, Molluscicides, Fungicides, Plant Booster and Fertilizers which was all registered to the Fertilizers and Pesticides Authority.

We believe that our foremost advantage is our commitment to serve with exceptional standards. Aljay and Amihan is one in promoting and developing farming industry in the Philippines

Our company recruits highly competent young individuals equipped with knowledge, trainings and moral values.

As our objective is to serve all the Filipinos farmers in the Philippines offering them with highly competitive lines of agricultural products with a customer-oriented approach.

We believe that the quality products we have needs good customer service to help uplift our farmers. For our dealers, we make sure that they were valued and appreciated as they carry on the business partnership in the company. “Aljay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation Bringing Excellence to the Filipino Farmers”.

With the pillars of success and longetivity, a team tethered with honesty, honor and commitment our vision to color the country our colors green and yellow.