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Catch and watch ALJAYPLANTINGDREAMS at MichaelAngelo The Sitcom Season 10

ALJAY PLANTING DREAMS: The brand goes nationwide

By: Carlo Joseph O. Alejandro

                With our vision to reach all farmers all throughout the country and make our brand become a part of every Filipino farming community, ALJAY launched its nationwide branding campaign through media marketing and in partnership with our new teammate and brand endorser Michael Angelo Lobrin, a well-known artist/comedian/speaker. The TV campaign will air during Sundays on Michael Angelo’s comedy sitcom “#Michael Angelo The Sitcom” from February 18 to May 13 with a special Holy Week sponsorship episode on March 29-31, 2018.

                The TV campaign focuses primarily on brand awareness including logo visibility, banner advertisement, sponsorship credits, product usage and visibility during the show and airing of our own original TV Commercial entitled “Asenso” and live endorsement during the sitcom and speaking engagements of Mr. Angelo Lobrin. This will aid us in reaching almost a million viewers nationwide and hundreds of attendees during speaking engagements making our brand known to Filipinos all over the country. This is just a piece our nationwide brand campaign with more grand campaigns and endorsements still to come. #ALJAYPlantingDreams

#MichaelAngelo The Sitcom Season 10 will air from February 18 – May 13 every Sunday, 10am on GMA NEWS TV.


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