Active Ingredient:  Cypermethrin……………… 50 g/L

Solveso(Solvent)…………. 789 g/L


  • Broad Spectrum Insecticide for Control of Chewing and Sucking Insect Pest of Rice, Cotton, Cabbage, Watermelon, Tomato, Beans, Mango and Corn.
  • Effective against Whorl maggot, Brown Plant Hopper, Alitangya, Stem Borers, Army Worm, etc.
  • Highly effective against hoppers and moth.
  • Kills insect through Strong Contact Action
  • Comes in 250mL, 500mL, and 1000 mL bottle.
  • Direction of Use: 10-30 mL for every 16-Liter Knapsack Sprayer.
    • Corn: 10-45 mL for every 16-Liter Knapsack Sprayer.
  • 1000mL can cover upto 1 hectare of field.
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority registration number 314-037-1372.


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