SPITFIRE 480SL is a wide range herbicide that provides complete control of nuisance grasses such as  perennial grasses, broadleaves, sedges and annual grasses in corn lands as well as for non-crop areas such as reforestation areas, drainage dtiches, irrigation canals, around buildings and fish ponds.

SPITFIRE 480SL is approved for use in Glyphosate Tolerant (GT) corns and is applied thru foliage sprays. Other herbicides like 2,4D or Atrazine can also be mixed for better results

Active Ingredients

  • Isopropylamine salt of glyphosate 480 g/L
  • (glyphosate acid equivalent) 360 g/L
  • Surfactants Solvents – water 705 g/L

Direction of Use:

  • Mix 20 Tbsp (approx 200mL) of SPITFIRE 480SL in 1 16-L knapsack sprayer.
  • A 16-Liter knapsack sprayer load can cover up to 1,000 sq.m of land
  • The 4-Liters (1 Gallon) bottle of is enough for 1 hectare of corn land.
  • 1 Tbsp = 10mL

It is available in 500mL bottle, 1,000mL bottle and 4-Liter Gallon.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority with registration number 376-151-2200.


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